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Tulip Flower Earrings

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Tulip Flower Earrings - LS 100 Percent You
Tulip Flower Earrings

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These tulip flower earrings are made of high quality material that is durable enough to use for a long time, it will not fade and never change color. Wonderful addition to your wardrobe. They are very comfortable, lightweight and easy to wear Pair this with your favorite dress or blouse/shirt and take it wherever you go

Item Type: Ladies Earrings

Earring Type: Drop

Included: 1 Pair

Style: Fun/Boho

Color: As Shown

Shape: Tulips

Height: 19cm

Length: 7cm

Weight: 27g

Material: Zinc Alloy

Tulip Flower Earrings - LS 100 Percent You

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