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Our Story

Hi my name is Lisa I am proud owner of LS 100 Percent You.  

My passion for fashion has been evident since I was a little girl.  However, in my younger years I grew more self conscious then I have ever been til this day. Once I transformed into my teenage years, I started seeing myself in a positively different light. So years later, I wanted women feel the same confidence when they wear clothing. Some of us feel we don’t have the “right body” or “it’s just not me”.  So I created this brand not only to sell unique clothing but, to uplift and empower women as whole. I want this boutique to be your safe place to be 100 Percent You ❤️.


In our collection, you'll find that there is a unique choice for all, and we do everything possible to help you find your fit; therefore, you can be rest assured that we got the perfect thing for you. Ever had that satisfying feeling of stumbling across an amazing new designer outfit or vintage boutique before everyone else? It's a great feeling, and that is why we created LS 100 Percent You; Our team of trendy fashionistas seeks out the best of the latest fashion and accessories so that you can comfortably shop all kinds of stuff in one place. At LS 100 Percent You, we don't do fashion as everyone else does; we keep pushing the limits and constantly looking to bring you the freshest clothing, from a list of brands that give you the widest variety of amazing exclusives and the coolest collections. With us, there are no rules, just endless ways to express you.


Giving you the confidence to fully express your individuality is what we're about; we've got all that you need to invent a style that's all yours. We look out for clothing items that are designed to bring glamour to the most memorable moments of your life, making everyday as extraordinary as you are. In our range of sizes and collections, you will find beautiful outdoor clothing and active wears that'll have you dancing before the party's even started. From oversized fit and vintage wears to sleek, fashion-forward styled clothing, we've got everything needed to elevate you as a woman.